Alfa State & Undertone - Let Go (Vocals V. ft. Meghan)

Nick Monaco

Inside a classically handsome, talented, and gregarious man exists a shy, awkward soul. This is the catalyst behind the upward trajectory of his career, which currently includes an impressive catalogue of inventive club jams, a hectic tour schedule as a member of Crew Love, and an accomplished debut album titled Mating Call, which truly lays bare his vulnerable inner self with every performance.

Links with the Dirtybird crew and Soul Clap helped to push Nick’s career forward. The creative freedom offered to him by the Wolf + Lamb label allowed him to flourish and focus on becoming the artist he’d always yearned to be; soulful, loose and free of genre constraints. This is exactly what the album Mating Call and his sound ultimately represent: an ethos with no boundaries, as opposed to a strict regimented sound.