Alfa State & Undertone - Let Go (Vocals V. ft. Meghan)

Lee Reynolds

In 1988, Lee Reynolds made his way across the Atlantic from England to Los Angeles. By 1992, he found himself lost to electronic psychedelia, and thus began his path to the Desert Hearts movement and the hysteria he now conjures with every performance.

Reynolds earned his chops up and down the West Coast in the dance scene’s dustier institutions––Moontribe, Moonshake, LiB–– where he developed his endlessly wide palate, penchant for mysticism, and an understanding that a dance party should be a spiritual experience.

In 2011, alongside Mikey Lion, Deep Jesus, Marbs, and Porkchop, Reynolds formed Desert Hearts. “Papa” Lee Reynolds has developed into the patriarch of the fastest growing and most visible cultural movement in all of stateside dance music.