Alfa State & Undertone - Let Go (Vocals V. ft. Meghan)

Lost Boy

Inspired by the heartbeat of the Sufi drum, Lost Boy produces electronic music encompassing both the traditional and the experimental. He released For the People, 1987 on his very own Toronto-based imprint. A well-rounded album with laid-back, groovy vibes, 1987 provides the perfect soundtrack whether you’re buckling in for a road trip or hosting a late night soiree. The album maintains an indie DIY ethos with raw, melancholic vocals blended with experimental, electronic nuances. Lost Boy grew up in Canada where he was exposed to a culturally rich environment that allowed him to discover much about his roots. This inspired him to begin borrowing sounds and instruments from various cultures. Lost Boy’s sound can be described as a melancholic journey intended to encourage feelings of elevation while making the listener dance and reminisce about nostalgic sensory perceptions.