Alfa State & Undertone - Let Go (Vocals V. ft. Meghan)

The Fitness & Pony

The Fitness & Pony are members of Crew Love who made their Soul Clap Records debut with the open minded “Sex I’m An Addict” jam. Their sound is described as high energy house music that delivers lo-fi attitude, rugged techno basslines and pulsating electro.

The Fitness is the production brainchild of Darien Pons, and Pony, a vocal genius, rapper, singer and real diva. They were both directly influenced by the DIY afterparty scene that thrived for a long time in Montreal. After making “Sex I’m An Addict”, their first track together, the chemistry couldn’t really be ignored. The duo went on tour in Europe with Crew Love this past June and are playing at the Barcelona showcase during OFF Sonar this year.