Alfa State & Undertone - Let Go (Vocals V. ft. Meghan)

Wolf & Lamb

Zev and Gadi started back in 1999 as separate local New York DJ’s, joining forces in 2002 as Wolf + Lamb. They play passionate music that moves hearts, not just feet.

Their label slowly grew over the next 15 years to include many incredible young artists, launching careers and sharing music over hundreds of shows around the world. In 2013 Wolf + Lamb banded together with Soul Clap from Boston to form Crew Love, a new umbrella organization, brand, label and membership.

From Zev’s savvy design and production, to Gadi’s talent for sniffing out path breaking artists to bring into the fold, Wolf + Lamb is a home to the artists that thrive on its mantra. A record label & artist collective, they represent a laid back dance sound in electronic music that embodies the melding of influences from contemporary music, vintage and beyond.